Enhancing Guest Experiences with Effective Digital Signage

Oct 10, 2020

The hospitality industry demands the highest levels of personalised service to ensure the best guest experience possible. There must, therefore, exist a delicate balance when employing state-of-the-art technology and digital signage that improves the guests’ experiences without taking away from the personal touch inherently needed for a guest to enjoy their stay.

Depending on the nature and size of a bed & breakfast, resort, or hotel, there are several innovative ways in which to effectively utilise digital signage solutions. Check-In In the hospitality industry, first impressions are key. The check-in process should be relaxing and easy, which is why digital signage can be used to great effect. Digital Way-Finding Maps: Interactive screens with clearly labelled floors, rooms amenities, service counters etc. Impressive Displays: Large high definition screens showing beautiful photography of the city, landscapes, art, and video that creates a stunning atmosphere and aesthetic in the lobby.

Showcase: Screens showing high-resolution imagery of the property and activities on offer giving the guest a good idea of what to expect during their stay. Pre-check In & Reservations: Interactive screens that allow guests to input their information and book various activities or amenities during their stay. Information & Service Typically, all hotel information can be found in physical brochures, menus, and signage. Digital signage, however, has the unique ability to contain a variety of information in a single interface, but more importantly, can be updated in real-time so the information is always current.

Amenities Listing: Search for various amenities on offer and update operating times or special events as and when is needed. Include additional information or any rules about amenities. Digital Menu: Guests can browse a restaurant menu and even make a booking from the digital menu.

Attractions: List the nearby attractions and top restaurants near the hotel with information on travel. Widgets: Automated widgets periodically display information on local weather, news, and currency pricing etc., offering the guest useful information at all times.

Safety & Security When digital signage has been positioned strategically throughout the property and connected centrally through a software solution, it can also be used to signal a warning in case of emergencies. This can alert guests where to gather, where to find necessary resources, and where to avoid.

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